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Питерцев зовут в Москву в НМУ на миникурсы
by Egor Pifagorov - Thursday, 22 August 2013, 08:36 PM

С 7 по 17 сентября в Москве (НМУ) будут проходить спецкурсы Ива де Корнулье и Романа Тессера.

Приглашаются все желающие!

Пока денег на оплату питерцам у нас нет, но если окажется 1-2 человека,
которые не могут найти деньги на поездку, постараемся что-нибудь придумать.

> Minicours: Geometry and structure of locally compact groups.
> Romain Tessera (CNRS, ENS Lyon)
> While for decades most people were mainly focussing on the large scale geometry of infinite discrete groups, Abels and a few others started back in the seventies to extend the scope to more general locally compact groups. More recently this point of view has regained importance due to new surprising results obtained by various authors such as Caprace, Cornulier, Monod, and myself.
> What makes this subject particularly exiting is the fact that as opposed to the jungle of discrete groups, ``non discrete locally compact groups" are in a way much more structured (think of connected Lie groups). In these lectures, we shall illustrate and try to justify this rather imprecise statement.

Minicourse: Commensurating actions and CAT(0) cube complexes.

Yves de Cornulier (CNRS, Universit'e Paris Sud, Orsay)

A commensurating action of a group G is the data of a G-set X and a subset M of X which is commesurated, i.e., such taht the symmetric difference between gM and M is finite for everly element g in G. The purpose of this minicourse is an introduction into commensurating actions, its connection with median graphs and CAT(0) cube complexes. We will also emphasize Property FW which is a weak form of Kazhdan's Property T: a group G has Property FW is every commensurating action (X,M) of G is transfixing, in the sense that there exists some G-invariant subset M' of X with finite symmetric difference between M and M'.
The material of the minicourse will be based on the survey (in progress)