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A.S. Losev, "Tropical mirror and K.Saito theory"
by Egor Pifagorov - Friday, 21 October 2022, 09:27 AM

Tropical mirror and K.Saito theory

Zoom course
By Andrey Losev, HSE(Moscow, Russia) and USTC(Hefei, China)

The site of the course is here. Please register to get zoom link and updates. Course starts on Monday, 24 of October, the next class would be 25 of October, and we will have classes all year on Mondays and Tuesdays. Class would start 11am Moscow that is 4pm Beijing. The recordings will be available on ICCM site (look at "Past Seminars")
Program of the course:
1.Enumerative problems, moduli spaces and WDVV-like equations.
2. Homotopical transfer and WDVV-like equations
3. Complex Hodge theory for generalized complex structures, and WDVV-like equations out of it.
4. K.Saito theory of primitive form versus complex Hodge theory
5. Tropical enumerative problems
6. Mirror K.Saito theory from tropical enumerative problems for toric varieties

No knowledge of physics is required, we will introduce and explain all concepts In the course.